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Marietjie is a Graphic Artist, who has honed her skills on the laser cutting/engraving machine since 1993. She was co-owner of a printing works that imported the first CO2 laser cutter/engraver into South Africa - and it has since become an indispensable channel for her creativity. She is renowned for the quality of her workmanship and attention to detail, producing especially designed engraved plaques for Marathons worldwide, educational institutions and corporate gift suppliers countrywide. Her expertise in both production and design, is coupled with excellent people management skills and her creativity enables her to design and produce stunning new concepts for her customers.


Once a successful Management Consultant, Peter's flair for forensic accounting has finally taken a backseat to his true passion. His amazing eye for detail, along with a flair for figuring out mechanical problems, are matched only by his artistic ability and knack for quality design. His meticulousness and artistry together forge creations that are not only durable, but breathtakingly unique.

Infini is about:

  • Unique creativity

  • Meticulous attention to detail

  • Decorative and functional designs

  • Traditional craftsmanship

  • Use of advanced technology

The Advantages of Laser Cutting and Engraving:

On the Technical side:

  • Intricate detail together with high quality edges ensure an excellent quality product.
  • Repeatable accuracy and tolerances up to approximately -0.1mm ensure correct sized/close fitting components.
  • Non contact cutting minimises damage or scratching of material. Curved or straight lines and part positions can easily be engraved or cut as required.
  • Engraving can be heavy or light on the same component - variable cutting depth can ensure correct marking or outlines as required on that component.

And on Costs:

  • Interlocking parts through tab & slot make assembly very quick & easy.
  • Economic use of materials is made possible by close nestling of parts.
  • Tooling costs are minimal by comparison to conventional methods.


Parts drawn & cut from your plans for any model, preferably Electronic but paper plans can be converted at an extra cost. Please request an estimate giving full details as prices will vary with drawing complexity, sizes, quantity etc. Cutting charges are based on estimated cutting time on the laser.

1. Laser Cutting:

ABS, Acrylic Mirror, Cardboard, Cork, Fabric (Textile), Foam, Hardboard (Masonite), Leather, MDF (Supawood), Paper, Perspex, Plastic, Plywood, Rubber, Styrene, Wood (up to 9mm on Hardboard, MDF and Wood).

2. Laser Engraving:

Cardboard, Cork, Fabric (Textile), Foam, Glass, Hardboard (Masonite), Industrial Marking, Leather, MDF (Supawood), Paper, Perspex, Plastic, Plywood, Promotional Branding, Rubber, Stone, Styrene, Wood.

3. Applications:

Barcodes and Serial numbers, Complete Wedding & Party Theme Stationery and Décor, Corporate Gifts, Educational Signage, General Décor, Interior and Exterior Signage and Displays, Kiddies party and Bedroom Décor, Models, Miniatures and Toys, Motivational Signs, Nametags, Rubber Stamps, Special Packaging, Stencils, Trophies, Awards and Trophy Plates.

4. Printing(Specific to 3D models):

Maximum precision and detail can be achieved, which is most important in model making. Being a flexible tool, prototype construction and experiments using the laser can be much more cost effective than other methods.

One piece full size outlines can be supplied from small drawings at full size - whether for side sheet planking or hollow bulkheads for a boat - all cut from stick on plastic sheet for ease of cutting ply components etc. Please note we are not able to draw planking outlines from plan drawings as this requires a specialist set of software as used by Naval Architects - designer drawings for planking/sheeting would have to be supplied.

5. Trophies:

Unique individualized memorable trophies and awards can be designed and created.